Available In-Person Presentations

In-Person Presentations Available Through
Dispel the Darkness Ministries

If your church would like to learn more about dealing with Jehovah’s Witnesses, please consider having Tom come in to deliver the following presentations that are currently available:

In the Palm of His Hand

(Personal Testimony of Tom McGovern)
The Lord does not turn his back on anyone who seeks His truth. Tom McGovern sincerely sought God. He accepted Christ as a teenager but shortly thereafter was deceived into thirty years of service to a man-made organization. This is the story of his journey with the cult of Jehovah’s Witnesses and the account of how God, in His love, ultimately showed Tom the way out.
This is an excellent presentation for church groups, fellowship meetings and special church events. Can be tailored for 30-60 minutes. Listen on our Audio/Video Page

Jehovah’€™s Witnesses at Your Door

They are the individuals who come to your door with their clothes neatly pressed and carrying bags of literature on Saturday mornings. Most Christians acknowledge their persistence. Is there a “€œsilver bullet” to use when you answer the door in order to show them the errors of their ways and present the gospel to them? Tom has some excellent insight into the mind of a Witness and shares some great methods to use to make your witness more effective.

This presentation discusses the mind-set that keeps Jehovah’€™s Witnesses in bondage to an organization and gives suggestions as to how to approach them with the gospel. It runs about 30 minutes, or can be combined with Tom’€™s personal testimony to fill a 60 minute slot.

Jehovah’€™s Witnesses and the Deity of Christ

Jehovah’€™s Witnesses deny the central doctrine of the Christian faith – that Jesus Christ is God. Their Bible, the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, either changes or obscures many of the texts that Christians rely on as proof. Without being scholars of the Biblical languages, Christians can prove to Jehovah’€™s Witnesses that Jesus Christ is God Almighty.

The emphasis in this presentation is on the Jesus in the New Testament, the prophecies He fulfilled and descriptions that were applied to Yahweh in the OT. Time is approximately 30 minutes.

Defending the Deity of Christ with Jehovah’€™s Witnesses

This is the “€œsecond part”€ of the presentation on Christ’€™s deity. When the Christian shows evidence that Jesus is God Almighty, Jehovah’€™s Witnesses will respond with a number of proof texts that they use to support their position. Christians will learn to examine their claims in the light of the immediate context and the rest of the Bible.

This information can be presented in about 30 minutes (and includes a PowerPoint presentation), or can be combined with the material from the above presentation to fill a 60 minute slot.

Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Holy Spirit and the Trinity

The completion of a three-part series defending the doctrines of the deity of Christ, the deity and personality of the Holy Spirit and the Trinity against the attacks on those doctrines made by Jehovah’s Witnesses. Best used as a follow-up to the two presentations on the deity of Christ listed above, or as a combined presentation of all three. Provides audiences with effective arguments to use when Witnesses come to the door and the discussion turns to the nature of God (which it frequently does).

This material can be presented in about 35 minutes and includes a PowerPoint presentation. Use this to follow up after the material on the deity of Christ has been considered. The three presentations can also be combined to form a seminar of about 2 hours, allowing for some question time.

Jehovah’€™s Witnesses and the Resurrection of Christ

Christianity is a historical religion whose claims stand or fall on one event – that its founder, Jesus Christ, was raised bodily from the dead. Jehovah’€™s Witnesses deny this key doctrine, claiming that Jesus was raised as a spirit and that His body never rose. Christians need to understand this doctrine accurately and be prepared to discuss it with the cultists who knock on their doors.

This presentation deals with the defense of the historic Christian doctrine of the bodily resurrection of Christ when speaking with Jehovah’€™s Witnesses. It includes a PowerPoint presentation and can be presented in about 30 minutes.

Darkness in the Watchtower

Most people think of Jehovah’s Witnesses as Bible believing and as being generally Christian in orientation, even though they may be misguided as to their teachings. What the average householder faced with Jehovah’s Witnesses at the door may never realize is that their organization has been influenced by the occult in many areas. In fact, even the
average Jehovah’€™s Witness is unaware of these facets of the Watchtower’s history. Tom shares some of the Watchtower’€™s best-hidden secrets.

This presentation deals with occult influences within the organization and history of Jehovah’€™s Witnesses. It requires about 60 minutes and includes a PowerPoint presentation. This is an excellent presentation for Sunday Schools, special services and study groups.

False Prophets!

Jesus warned His disciples to beware of false prophets. But how does a Christian today recognize and avoid them? Tom explores the biblical definition and functions of a prophet and the ways to detect a counterfeit. Several examples are given with a more extended focus on the long history of false prophecies apparent in the history of the organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

This presentation deals with the concept of false prophecy, particularly as demonstrated in the history of Jehovah’€™s Witnesses. It requires about 30 minutes and includes a PowerPoint presentation.

The Watchtower’s “Mad Science” and Bad Medicine

Tom enumerates several often amusing examples of pseudoscience and medical quackery that have been embraced by the organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses in its past, and focuses in all seriousness on the group’s current ban on medical blood transfusions for its members and their children.

This presentation asks the question as to whether the Watchtower Society is a reliable source for medical information and advice, and exposes the dangers of its current medical doctrine. The presentation includes a PowerPoint presentation and requires about 45 minutes.

“Test Everything” – The Need for Biblical Discernment

Tom discusses how God is able to communicate with His people through Scripture, tradition and experience, and explains why Scripture is the bottom line by which everything else must be evaluated.

This presentation concerns itself with the role of human teaching in the Church and spiritual experiences, including claimed charismatic events. The emphasis is not on either the cessation or continuance of charismatic experiences in the Church, but upon the necessity of evaluating ALL teaching and experience in the light of Scripture. The presentation includes a PowerPoint presentation and requires about 30 minutes.

Has the Bible Disappeared?

Can the New Testament as we have it today be relied upon to accurately and
faithfully represent what was written 20 centuries ago? Tom responds to the claims of modern scholars who assert that the Bible has been changed and that the original message has been lost.

This presentation is not directly related to discussions with Jehovah’s Witnesses, but addresses claims that have caused many Christians to question their faith in God’s Word. It requires about 35 minutes and includes a PowerPoint presentation.