Apologetics Ninjas

Tom McGovern is conducting live online discussions in Christian Apologetics (the defense of the Christian faith) for high school and college age students and young adults.
These discussions are held in real time via online meeting software and there is no charge to participate. Our past and future topics include:

Is the Bible Reliable?

How Should the Bible Be Interpreted Correctly?

Is Jesus Christ Really God? What Is the Trinity?

Was Jesus’€™ Physical Body Raised From the Dead?

How Does Our Worldview Affect Our Beliefs?

What Are the Best Methods of Defending the Faith?

Responding to Cults

Responding to Islam

Responding to Atheism

Responding to Other Belief Systems

If you are of high school or college age, or a young adult and would like information about joining in our discussions, please send us a message through the contact page on this web site. We will provide the times of meetings, connection information and material under discussion.