The following articles represent some of Tom’s writings on Biblical topics. Some are more closely related to issues concerning Jehovah’s Witnesses, others less so. All are offered for your consideration and edification.

Articles about Topics Related to Jehovah’s Witnesses and Other Aberrant Groups:

Trinitarian Controversies – A summary of heretical beliefs that arose in the early church over the nature of God, including Arianism, which is embraced by Jehovah’s Witnesses today.

“Expel the Wicked Man” – A discussion of the major proof texts used by Jehovah’s Witnesses and some other aberrant groups to justify their doctrines of extreme shunning.

Ecclesiastes 9:5 and “Soul Sleep” – When we die, do we simply become unconscious? Tom analyzes a major JW proof text.

A False Spirituality – Is spirituality measured by organizational activity? A brief look at what the Bible says.

Christmas and Jehovah’s Witnesses – Is it wrong to celebrate so-called “pagan” holidays? And are they really pagan?

Should I Shun Cult Members Who Call at My Door? – Some Christians believe that Scripture forbids them from speaking with members of cults who call on them. Tom urges readers not to pass up an opportunity to share the Gospel.

War Games: A Tract About Jehovah’s Witnesses by Chick Publications – Tom takes a critical look at a recent “comic-book” tract by Jack Chick.

Other Theological Topics:

The Hope of a Believer – What does the Bible really say about life after death?

Called to Be Holy – How does God work in us to change our lives after we have been saved?

Was Jesus Christ Capable of Sinning? – If Jesus was God in human flesh, could He have sinned? If not, was His temptation real?

Is the Bible Really God’s Word? – What authority does the Bible really have in our lives, and why should we believe it?

Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God? – A comparison between the God of the Bible and Allah as presented in the Qur’an

The Weakness of Our Desires – If we look forward to a reward for serving God, are we being selfish?

Ways of Avoiding Temptation – How can we take steps to prevent ourselves from sinning?

Are All Beliefs Equally Valid? – It’s popular in our time to think that no one’s belief is better than any other and that truth is relative. Tom offers a few comments about this idea.

Connected to the Vine: Marks, Cost, Obligations – To become like Christ, we must be connected to Christ. But just what does that involve?

Grace, Discipleship and Abiding in Christ – A few more thoughts about being connected to Christ

Paul and the Law – Is the Mosaic Law binding on Christians? Tom looks at each of the Ten Commandments in the light of the apostle Paul’s writings.

“Do Not Be Anxious About Anything” – Scripture texts to help deal with anxiety.

Biblical Images of the Church – Pictures drawn from Scripture that help us to understand better the relationship between Christ and His people.

Serial Killers and the Bible – Does the media sometimes distort the Bible’s message?

The Experience of Job: Why Do Good People Suffer? – The book of Job provides some insight on the age-old question of why God permits evil.

Paul’s “Concern for All the Churches” – A look at some major themes in the letters of the apostle Paul.