Video Presentations:

Darkness in the Watchtower – Jehovah’s Witnesses would be shocked to know of the occult connections in their organization’s history and even in its current doctrine!

The Watchtower’s “Mad Science” and Bad Medicine – Many of Jehovah’s Witnesses have died because of their organization’s ban on blood transfusions. Tom looks at the group’s history with regard to scientific and medical teachings and questions whether they can be trusted in such a vital matter.

“I’m Not Who I Was” – Jehovah’s Witnesses Find Freedom in Christ – A presentation by Keith Walker of Evidence Ministries, illustrating how Jesus has changed the lives of former Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Audio Presentations:


“In the Palm of His Hand” – Audio Testimony of Tom McGovern – Tom tells the story of how Jesus rescued him from slavery to a cult.

Answering Jehovah’s Witnesses 

Jehovah’s Witnesses at Your Door – Tom explains how the mind of a JW works and how to put cracks in their beliefs.

Science, Medicine and the Watchtower – Tom reviews the history of the Watchtower Society with regard to scientific and medical matters and asks whether this organization’s teachings about blood transfusion are credible.

Beware of False Prophets and False Teachers! – An examination of several prophetic claims by various groups and individuals, focusing on the predictions made in the past by Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the justifications they offer for their prophetic failures.

Is He Risen? Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Resurrection of Christ – A look at what JWs believe about the resurrection of Christ, compared with what the Bible says.

Trinity Series

Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Deity of Christ – Tom builds a case for Jesus being God.

Defending the Deity of Christ with Jehovah’s Witnesses – How to answer the proof texts JWs will use to assert that Jesus is not God.

The Holy Spirit, The Trinity and Jehovah’s Witnesses – Putting together the deity of Christ with the nature of the Holy Spirit to demonstrate the doctrine of the Trinity.

Other Sermons

“Test Everything” – The Need for Biblical Discernment – Does God speak to us today, and, if so, how?

Has the Bible Disappeared? – A look at how the New Testament came to us and why we should believe it to be reliable.

The King Who Lives (Palm Sunday Sermon) – A celebration of Palm Sunday with a brief examination of the idea that Jesus never existed.

Wheat and Weeds – Can we know for sure whether we are saved?

“Iron Sharpens Iron” Radio Interviews with Chris Arnzen

Radio Testimony 9/2/09 – Tom tells his story on live radio in 2009.

Jehovah’s Witnesses History & Doctrine 9/17/09 – Tom reviews the history of the JW organization and its current teachings.

Darkness in the Watchtower 9/30/09 – A discussion of the numerous occult connections in Watchtower history and doctrine.

False Prophecies of Jehovah’s Witnesses part 1 – A discussion of the Watchtower’s prophetic failures.

False Prophecies of Jehovah’s Witnesses part 2 – The above discussion, continued.

The Janet Mefferd Show

The Janet Mefferd Show, January 19, 2011 – Tom appeared as a guest on this national radio program.