New World Translation: Truth in Translation?

Recently I was exchanging information with a JW regarding the NWT and he gave me a copy of a summary of quotes (presumed selective) from a book 
Truth in Translation: Accuracy and Bias in English Translations of the NT – by Jason David BeDuhn. The summary starts by saying the the NWT was quoted as being the most accurate translation of the Holy Scriptures on the US Jeopardy TV show. Do you know anything about this book and are you able to direct me to any reputable reviews, etc?

Dr. BeDuhn’s work has become very popular among JW’s, and with good reason. It appears that a scholar has endorsed the NWT. And, in a sense, it’s true, though BeDuhn’s qualifications to judge among Bible translations are questionable. I found an interesting series of reviews on James White’s blog at Those should provide you with some pretty good information about Truth in Translation.

As far as the supposed Jeopardy question, that appears to be a hoax. It is very unlikely that a show like Jeopardy would base one of its questions on what is essentially a matter of opinion. Several people have searched the archives of Jeopardy questions, and found nothing relating to the NWT. The screen shots that have circulated are apparently from a PowerPoint game that someone posted online, not from the actual Jeopardy program. The issue was discussed briefly at Of course, the myth has gone viral among JW’s, who are always anxious to get any sort of outside support at all for their translation. Back in the 1950’s-70’s, they actually appealed to the renderings of Johannes Greber, a spirit medium who translated a NT with the assistance of “God’s spirit world” because many of Greber’s renderings, including John 1:1, agree closely with the NWT.